Thursday, October 20, 2011

Catch Up: CPD23 17 & 19

Well, I lagged behind again, as it seems that CPD23 has ended, but my posts have not! Taking a look back at the topics missing:

Thing 17 - Prezi and Slideshare

I have only experienced these two in the role of watcher, not as a creator. I do have a Prezi account, however I have not had a project that I feel comfortable yet in attempting to try it out with? The enhanced abilities that you have with Prezi seem to make it a very useful way to present material that may focus a bit more on discussion than slides. Now that there is an import function to enhance PowerPoint slides and recreate the presentation, I may take apart one of mine as a trial run.

I have seen a lot of great presentations on Slideshare, but we keep most of our training materials in-house. Also, we do rely a lot more on webinar and hands-on training, so we do not have a multitude of presentations that need to be stored and shared in one place. However, I find it very useful both for learning and for gathering ideas.

Thing 19 - Reflection on Integration

We have covered a lot of social media and how it can assist professionally. I still need to fill in more detail on my LinkedIn page, have cleaned out my Google Reader feeds - especially in preparation for the upcoming changes, use Twitter both for knowledge gathering and receiving, and have started to feel more comfortable hearing my voice come out of the computer during web tutorials.

As I get ready to finish up CPD23 and reflect on how this project has inspired me to access more information technology, I am faced with deciding what will happen to this blog once I am finished. I originally started this because I wanted to separate my "professional" and "personal" posts a bit more, so that people strictly interested in my work did not have to wander through my posts on knitting and chickens. However, I have felt spread thin, and wonder if it is time to evaluate whether or not I will fold it all back into one blog. I hope that by the time I actually finish this course, I will have that answer.

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